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Kaisoku for Ashlesha escort wrote:
[QUOTE=HillValley;6859895] see the review
Fawne for Natetip escort wrote:
I don't know what you're even talking about here, but please hold yourself back from telling me I'm not being honest with myself. see the review
Lisere for Yoenia escort wrote:
It feels like you are acting like there's no other option. There can be a spark and it still be a wrong relationship. That's what I'm trying to tell you. People who are married for 20 years can have had the spark and still be a terrible marriage. see the review
Neile for Linda Hanin escort wrote:
I feel like you and I aren't even participating in the same conversation. I certainly never said that a "spark" equals a good potential relationship. see the review
Scharfe for Veerapriya escort wrote:
What I KEEP saying is that most people (every single person I know) is NOT INTERESTED in pursuing a romantic / sexual relationship with a person they feel NO ATTRACTION for. see the review
Grievance for Majte escort wrote:
Do you understand? see the review
Swizzler for Wendy Ann escort wrote:
I guess I'm not being clear cause that's 100% not what I'm saying. I'm saying there's a multitude of ways to get that spark. It might not appear on first sight, it might not appear until after the third date, or it might not appear until later on. see the review
Arcite for Orrit escort wrote:
Sometimes it's there at the start. see the review
Eau for Boja Lisa escort wrote:
Do you understand how insulting it is to women to read on this thread that we are somehow incapable of knowing whether we are interested in a guy or not? If we think there is potential many of us WILL go ahead and spend no time. When we KNOW 100% it's a NO - regardless of the guy's credentials or his own high opinion of himself - we are going to walk, and that's the right thing for everybody. see the review
Danelle for Pritul escort wrote:
Some excerpts: see the review
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