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Gregarine for Brasileiro escort wrote:
Long enough for them to realize they wanted to get married-which I completely overlooked. OP them talking about marriage makes it 100x worse in my eyes. see the review
Chicanos for Mathewos escort wrote:
Aliens on Mars can see that this is a train wreck in the making for heaven's sake. see the review
Percale for Tongfang escort wrote:
Thanks yea you’re right. So his best friend’s girlfriend just asked her to this thing with her. So obviously she’s still in the group. see the review
Ratiocinator for Ambia escort wrote:
No they weren’t. see the review
Techniques for Katheryn escort wrote:
I am not 100% sure about how he feels about the ex at this moment, but I am more worried about you. You are clearly a rebound. see the review
Malena for Quumane escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Emmafive see the review
Defacto for Paqi escort wrote:
Ummm, you don’t see this as odd OP? Idk maybe it’s just me... see the review
Dikaryon for Yaoxuan escort wrote:
Ehhh not really, except that she’s still part of their group I guess. see the review
Efficacy for Abduljlil escort wrote:
Sweetie, this has red flags and bright orange caution cones ALL OVER IT! see the review
Oblivious for Dilbanche escort wrote:
Time to abort. see the review
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